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Why Hoi An’s food so special

Being famous as one of the UNESSCO's world cultural heritages in Vietnam, Hoi An is a favorite destination of domestic and international tourists. Hoi An cuisine has been listed among Tripadvisor’s top 10 in Asia. And your experience in Hoi An would be uncompleted if you didn’t try Hoi An dishes.The Blossom Hotels and Resorts will help you explore the beauty and specialty in Hoi An food.

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Hoi An street food

The Blossom Hotels and Resort established and managed by a Japanese executive always put customers’comfort first. The Blossom Hoi An Ocean Front Hotel & Spa, one of the best Hoi An beach hotels, impresses customers with its special offers such as: free shuttle bus, free Onsen, free sauna, free Pho and so on.

Booking our rooms now, you can easily enjoy Hoi An’s food right at the restaurant of the hotel. Our hotel staff is also willing to provide you with valued eating addresses in Hoi An.



See the list of Hoi An dishes below and turn your trip in Hoi An wonderful:

1.Cao lau

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Traditional Cao Lau in Hoi An 

Cao lau is the foremost traditional dish in Hoi An. Many people may wonder why this dish calls “cao lau”. In Chinese, it means “high-class dish”. In Vietnamese, its means “high upstairs”. In the past, this dish only served for rich people. They asked to bring it upstairs so they can enjoy it while looking at the beautiful town. These are some explains for the name “cao lau”. This dish is made with noodles, pork, and local greens and eaten with lots of herbs and vegetables which greatly enhance its flavors. 

The dish has its name in the menu of all types of restaurants from luxury ones to sidewalk stalls. The price is from VND 20.000 to VND 30.000.

Here are some of the best places to enjoy:

  • Thanh Cao Lau, 26 Thai Phien Street,  Hoi An.
  • Ty Cao Lau – Phan Chu Trinh Street, Hoi An.
  • Cao Lau Ba Be – Tran Phu, Hoi An.

2.Chicken rice

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Whenever we talk about chicken rice, we will think about Hoi An chicken rice. It has become a very famous dish in Hoi An as well as Quang Nam. Hoi An chicken rice is the mix of plenty of colors and favors. The price is from 35.000vnđ- 50.000vnd.

Where to try Hoi An chicken rice?

  • Ms Buoi – 22 Phan Chau Trinh
  • Ms Ty – 22 Phan Chu Trinh
  • Trung Bac Restaurant – Tran Phu

3.Quang Noodle

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Quang noodle is popular nationwide but only coming to Hoi An, you could enjoy the best Quang noodle. Quang noodle has many favors, including: chicken, pork, fish, shirmp and so on. Quang noodle will be best when being served with grilled rice paper, a variety of herbs, such as mint leaves, houttunya, cabbage, onion, coriander and so on.

The price is from VND15.000 to VND40.000.

Where to eat:

  • Mr. Hai – 6A, Truong Minh Luong street, Hoi An
  • Mrs Linh – 137, Phan Châu Trinh street, Hoi An

3.Hoi An Pancake (banh xeo)

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Banh xeo is popular and famous in Hoi An. It is best eaten when it is hot and fresh out off the pan. This is the reason why people call it the ideal dish to enjoy in the cold of the winter (November to February) or in the rainy season (September to October). Hoi An banh xeo is also famous for being served with the fresh herbs from Tra Que, the vegetable village in the area.

Banh xeo is sold at roadside stalls, markets, and restaurants in Hoi An.

Where to eat:

  • Ba Le Well Restaurant – 45/51Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoi An
  • Hai Nam Restaurant – 409 Hai Ba Trung, Hoi An
  • Hoi An Spring Roll Restaurant – 87 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hoi An

4.Phuong Bread

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Phuong bread has become a famous cuisine not only in Vietnam but also all over the world.

It is served in a small bakery located at 2B Phan Chau Trinh, Hoi An. It is open from early morning to late night and almost always crowded. Visitors are happily lined up and waiting for their new turn. People often talk to each other  that not eating Phuong bread means never to Hoi An. The price is ranging from 25.000 to 30.000 depending on the bread.

5.Hoi An beo cake

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This cake is only popular in some Vietnam Central cities, including Hue, Hoi An and Danang. But Hoi An beo cake is different from Hue beo cake and Danang beo cake. In Hoi An, it is often served in a small bowl with a wet topping. Tourists can easily find it in every small booths near Hoai River.

Where to eat:

  • Aunt Bay – 02, Nguyen Thai Hoc street, Hoi An
  • Aunt My, Tran Phu street, Hoi An

6.Hoi An tofu

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You are tired after walking around the ancient town, stop at sidewalks and enjoy fresh Hoi An tofu and sweet soups. The price is very cheap, only from VND5.000 to VND15.000.

In addition to the above dishes, Hoi An has many other dishes which can make your trip more "delicious". 

The Blossom Hotels and Resort now has 2 hotels and 1 resort in Danang city and Hoi An city:

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With these above information, we hope that you will enjoy a great trip in Hoi An.

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